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2003 Roadtrip --
Oceanside, CA to Colorado Springs, CO
We left Oceanside on Thursday for a genuine roadtrip.  Something that Alaskan's don't really get to experience.  We were headed for Colorado Springs for the IALEP conference.  Along the way we stopped in Glenwood Springs to visit Heather's relatives.  On the return trip we stopped for a day in Mesa Verde.  Great fun for us to have so many possible routes, and so much great western scenery to enjoy!

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Crossing Utah we passed over the San Rafael swell, an area of high table lands and canyons. A butte on the San Rafael swell.
The ubiquitous salesmen of native american crafts set up directly in front of the "No Vending or Sales" sign at the San Rafael overlook. Before and after crossing Independence Pass (12,095 feet) we were treated to great fall colors in the Aspens.
Colorado Spring's Garden of the Gods is filled with red sandstone plates and spires.  It is heavily used by rock climbers and walkers. In the Garden of the Gods all of the original plants were trampled into oblivion.  Recent efforts have restored native grasses and trees.
Minnow (L) and Kira enjoyed walking and sitting on the walls in the Garden of the Gods. With the IALEP conference we rode the cog railway to the top of Pike's Peak.  Track disappears around the corner of the mountain beneath us.
Heather admires the summit monument to the author of "America the Beautiful" who was inspired to pen the song on a trip tp Pike's Peak. Looking past the train on the summit East over Colorado springs and over the plains.  The Garden of the Gods can be seen in the foreground.
Chris and Heather shiver at the summit long enough for a photo op. Cog Railway cars stopped at the summit.
IALEP presidents past and present at the conference including Chris. Entrance to Mesa Verde National Park.
Looking out from the edge of the mesa road towards the town of Mancos. Looking at the "Knife Edge" around which the park road used to pass. 
Heather looks out to the West from the highest point in the park, appropriately named "Park Point." Late afternoon sun in the Canyons from Navajo overview on the Mesa Top Loop.
Appropriately named Sunset House is lit by the setting sun. Cliff House from the tour starting point.
Cliff House ruins through the trees. Our ranger guide was an archaeology student, former fire fighter and interesting presenter.  She had been involved in the two year project to complete a detailed survey of Cliff House.
Climbing back up from the ruins required a squeeze through the rocks. Spruce House has had some of its kivas restored.
Inside a restored kiva. Heather, Kira, and Minnow stand on the corners of four states: Colorado, Arizona, Utah, and New Mexico.
Chris takes his turn on monument.  
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