Legacy Sailing
 Photo Gallery 12  
Winter 2003
Northbound - Isla San Francisco to Bahia Conception
Heading north from the islands close to La Paz ,Espiritu Santos and Partida, we worked our way up the Baja coast.  This is a very pleasant stretch of coast since it has many anchorages, and one can usually find a 15-30 mile leg between them.  This makes for pleasant daysails of a half day or so, a nice change from the mainland coast where anchorages tend to be further apart.  There are many cruisers who stick to the middle and northern Sea of Cortez and never get further south than La Paz because the cruising is so nice along this coast. 
We stopped at several anchorages along the way north, but skipped the very popular Escondito so we could avoid having to travel 20 miles by road to Loreto to check in with the Port Captain.  We worked our way north to Bahia Conception where we hung out for nearly a week enjoying the protected anchorages of Bahia Coyote.  We then moved to Punta Chivato where we spent a night and a half, leaving about 3am for the crossing to San Carlos.

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In "the hook" at the south end of Isla San Francisco we were treated to a large school of dolphins leaping out of the water. This tiny rock of an island is Isla Coyote.  Clinging to its slopes and shores is the 2nd largest permanent settlement on any of islands of the sea.
The mountains rise straight from the sea along this section of coast near Punta Nopolo. On the beach at Puerto el Gato lie the decomposing remains of a whale.  Quite an amazing smell, too.
Red sandstones surround the Puerto el Gato anchorage.  The sailing vessel Oz is in the foreground. The village at Agua Verde lies on the flood plain amidst the trees behind the beach.  A few roofs are visible.
The rock named "Solitaire" guards the entrance to Agua Verde. A typical fisherman's hut behind the beach at Puerto Ballandra.  Rarely would we see anyone in residence at these huts, but there were signs that they were used occasionally.
A couple of times a day we take the girls ashore for walkies.  In the afternoon Chris usually takes along their retrieving dummy (Mr. Bumper) for some heavy swimming and fetching. The result of all that swimming is a couple of wet dogs returning to the boat in Puerto Ballandra.
The anchorage at San Juanico is marked by many fantastic rock formations. On the beach at San Juanico is a tree festooned with signs and objects left by cruisers.
The ground beneath the tree is littered with momentos carved in rocks or created on board the boats. Legacy left a momento created from a piece of heavy nylon ribbon hanging in the middle of the tree.
Playa El Burro is the cruisers favorite anchorage in Bahia Conception because of a good beach. All of the beaches in Bahia Conception are lined with RVs and palapa like shelters for them.
We were at El Burro for the 2nd annual bloodymary and pancake contest for cruisers and RVers. Chris prepares his griddle for a batch of his cornmeal pancakes which despite not winning any prizes were popular with diners.
John, an Alaskan (wearing a recognizable Alaskan uniform), off of Priority One cooks up flapjacks. Diners, possibly suffering from sampling too many bloody marys, relax near the action.
Monty, from Misty Sea, concentrates on creating the perfect cake to impress the judges. Michel from Misty Sea works on sampling a few of the offerings from the griddles.
Quite Priority and Mellisa raise sails at sundown getting ready for an overnight crossing from Punta Chivato to San Carlos. Black dogs seek shade.  Minnow hangs out in a shady spot on the crossing to San Carlos.
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