Legacy Sailing
 Photo Gallery 22  
October 2004
The Pacific Northwest to San Carlos, MX
From Seattle we headed for the Oregon Coast for the Portuguese Water Dog National Specialty.  Water trials were held near Florence and the other events at Salishan Resort at Gleneden Beach.  We left the coast and headed for Crater Lake National Park and then Klamath Falls.  From there we passed through Lassan Volcanic National Park on our way to a stop at Lake Tahoe.  We zoomed on south for a "drive-by" of Yosemite National Park and then on to San Diego where we stopped to visit friends and PWD owners Leslie and Dave.  From San Diego we headed for Phoenix to attend an agility trial and pick up all the parts that we stored with Christina and Bob.  Once loaded we headed south back to San Carlos, Sonora, Mexico and our boat.
An advanced courier dog tows a net from one boat to another during the second day of the water trails. In the Agility ring Minnow climbs the A-frame while the judge looks on.
Kira was our big performer in agility with two first places and two qualifying runs on the second day!  Here Kira and Chris pose with the judge, our ribbons, and the pewter box we won. Or friend Sarah Kahn was the high in trial agility competitor with two great dogs.  Bean, and Ace (on the right)  who is Minnows dad.
As a lark Heather entered our girls in brace competition.  This is a an obedience class where two dogs a linked together and have to perform side-by-side. Heather poses with our fourth place ribbon for brace.  Good thing there were only three other teams entered!!
Our last event at the specialty was rally obedience.  Normally a strong event for our girls, but they  both seemed to suffer from trial fatigue by then.  Heather with Kira. Here Chris tries to maintain Minnow's interest to complete the course.  Neither had good runs so no ribbons in rally :-(
A storm the last day of the Specialty really stirred up the surf along the coast.  Here surf pounds the shore at the entrance to the Depoe Bay harbor. When we arrived at the rim of Crater Lake National Park there was fog and snow limiting visibility to only a few hundred feet.
A little later the sun broke through and the fog dissipated giving us great views.  Here a Stellar Jay hangs out in the top a tree taking in the view. Wizard Island emerged from the fog as we watched.  Like a curtain pulling back slowly to reveal the marvelous scenery.
Crater Lake gets up to 44 feet of snow each winter.  Shortly before we arrived they had installed these tall poles around the lots and roads to mark the edges for plowing. Mount Shasta is visible for miles around in southern Oregon and northern California.
We drove the road through Lassan Volcanic National Park and enjoyed the scenery.  Here is Mt Lassan over the brilliant blue of Helen Lake. A steaming fumarole at the Sulphur Works, a small hot springs area along the park road.
Coming down the eastern edge of California we enjoyed the dry lands set off with the fall colors of the aspen and grasses. We entered Yosemite from the eastern entrance and came across the highlands.  The tops of the granite batholiths are exposed in beautiful rounded forms.
One of the most striking aspects of Yosemite were the very large and tall trees. We had to stop and take a couple of the standard photos along the way, including this one of El Capitan.  If you look closely you can see the "map of America" on the right face.
From the tunnel viewpoint is this often photographed view of the portals of the valley.  Most impressive. When we reached San Diego we stayed with our friends Dave and Leslie and their tow PWDs, Rocky and Skipper.  Here their two boys and our two girls pose together.
All four dogs love to retrieve, so the appearance or a bumper launched them into the pool. As the bumper hit the water the maneuvering and toy stealing began with participation of all the dogs.
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