Legacy Sailing
 Photo Gallery 25  
December 2004
Tenacatita and Barra de Navidad, MX
We headed south from Mazatlan the first week of December and made two overnight hops down the coast to get to Tenacatita, our favorite destination from last year.  The 'season' at Tenacatita is just starting, but the water is clear, clean and warm, and several other cruisers, including the 'mayor of Tenacatita,' Robert from Harmony.  The daily swims to the beach and boche ball on the beach have resumed, as has the weekly "Mayor's night out" dinghy raftup.  After a few blissful days at anchor we headed into the marina at the Grand Bay Hotel for three days.  We needed to check in at Barra de Navidad for this section of coast, pick up some provisions, and enjoy unlimited fresh water from the hoses there.  After our three days we were glad to head back to Tenacatita for Christmas and New Years at anchor.  Shortly after New Years we headed back into the marina at Barra for a resupply mission.  We were so slow getting underway the day we had planned to depart that instead we moved out to the lagoon for one night.  The lagoon is protected and calm with none of the ocean swells which reach most other anchorages in Mexico.  But the waters are murky and brackish, so not suitable for swimming or watermaking.  A day late we started south again.
One of the hedonistic joys of Barra is the daily delivery of fresh goods by the French Baker.  Fruit, coffee, and fresh croissants for a heavenly breakfast! Our friends Robert and Virginia from Harmony took us to lunch at their favorite restaurant in Barra.  Here we sat on a slant and enjoyed great food.
Hung with care, our xmas stockings hang alongside the chimney (mast) next to our tree (which even has its own light). Back at Tenacatita many boats were decorated with Christmas lights. One of our favorite was this powerboat with the brightly lit palm trees on the foredeck.
The cruisers anchored in Tenacatita celebrated Christmas with a progressive dinner beginning with appetizers on Euphoria. Later, main courses and side dishes were shared on Moira.  From left to right Lois (Texan), Cathy (Spirit), Shirley (Windsong), and Chris.
Susan of Moira had prepared a turkey roast and a pork roast wrapped in phylo with an apricot sauce. Frank (Windsong) smiles approvingly at the selection. The final stop was Legacy for desserts.  Suli and John of Euphoria produced a hand cranked ice cream maker which was a great accompaniment to the pies and other goodies.
We joined Al and Cathy for a trip by taxi to the nearby town of La Manzanilla.  We had this great view of the boats at anchor from the hilltop along the way. La Manzanilla (not to be confused with the city of  Manzanillo) is on the south side of Bahia Tenacatita.  Pangas pull up on the beachfront of the town.
The beach is covered with tables and colorful umbrellas from palapa restaurants looking out on the bay. The pavement ends where an officer directs traffic onto the dirt main street just back from the beach.
One of the 'not to be missed' attractions of La Manzanilla is the lagoon full of cocodrillos (crocodiles)!  These beast are held back from town (NOT!) by a flimsy fence full of holes and missing sections. Near the main square of La Manzanilla along the main drag is this great structure. The upper floors seemingly grew from the more sedate lower floors complete with watch tower.
Residences and small tiendas front the colorful flowering bushes and palms. Upon our return to the anchorage, Al wheels his cartful of beer and groceries back or dinghies on the beach.
On the 30th of December the 2nd annual Tenacatita Biathlon kicked off from Harmony.  Minnow led off for the Legacy team. The human swimmers were watched by Kira as she cheered on her teammate Minnow from the dinghy.  Halfway to the beach Kira took over.
On the beach,  Virginia from Harmony completes the first swimming leg in great spirits. Chris coached Kira and Minnow on the running leg which they are shown finishing here.
Back on Harmony the competitors (Kira and Minnow too, 1st in 4 legs) gathered in the cockpit for mineral water and fresh brownies. From the smooth waters of the Barra Lagoon there is a great view of the Grand Bay Hotel by the entrance from the sea.
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