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Legacy's Route - Juneau to Seattle
Red Line
We left Juneau in mid-May and arrived in Seattle in mid-June.  Although we stuck to the main line of the inside passage for the most part, we did make a couple of notable deviations and revisited some favorite spots along the way.  We diverted to Red Bluff Bay, which is a real treasure, and worth a lengthy visit.  We also passed through Rocky Pass, a shoal choked alternative to Wrangell Narrows, and then down the outside of Prince of Wales Island via Dry Pass.   After a stop in Craig we continued south across Dixon Entrance to Prince Rupert.  (See first map.)

We stopped in Prince Rupert for couple of days of bad weather and then headed down the main line route south.  We enjoyed returning to Bottleneck Inlet and Fury Cove.  Then across Queen Charlotte Sound to Port McNeill and on south to Bellingham and Seattle.  (See second map.)

You can read the on-line log of this passage starting May 21 and ending in Seattle June 23.  Click here for map of the entire Inside Passage.

Red Line

Updated 11/14/2006