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Mexico - October 2004 to June 2005
Red Line
We returned to San Carlos, Mexico in October 2004 and got busy getting the boat back in the water and ready for another cruising season.  In early November we made a 3 1/2 day passage direct to Mazatlan where we stayed doing paperwork and finishing boat tasks and enjoying Thanksgiving with other cruisers.

In December we continued south to Tenacatita with a brief stop over at Punta Mita to get together with friends.  We stayed in Tenacatita and Barra de Navidad for Christmas and New Years, again celebrating with friends new and old. 

In January we moved south first to Santiago Bay (Ensenada Carrizal and Jualapan anchorage) and then direct to Zihuatanejo for SailFest.  After enjoying SailFest we headed back to Barra de Navidad and Tenacatita for a few weeks.

We headed out of Tenacatita and stopped in Chamala where the weather delayed us for several days.  We eventually got a reasonable weather window and made the 15 hour overnight to Banderas Bay.  We stayed in Banderas Bay at Paradise Village Marina for the Banderas Bay Regatta which we raced in. 

We rested a few days after race week and headed for Mazatlan with an overnight staging stop at Punta Mita.  We had a smooth passage with some reasonable assistance from the wind and arrived before the wind and seas started to build again.

We waited a bit over a week in Mazatlan for a good window for the passage to La Paz.  We headed out at 9pm and arrived 38 hours later at Colleta Lobos just outside of La Paz at about 11am.  We had light southerlies most of way with strong headwinds the last 20 miles across the top of the Ceralvo Channel. 

After about a week in La Paz we headed north to Loreto with stops at Isla Partida. San Evaristo, Punto San Telmo, and Isla Danzante.  We enjoyed LoretoFest and then continued north to Santa Rosalia with stops at Puerto Ballandra, San Juanico, Bahia Concepcion, and Punta Chivato.

After a couple of days enjoying the tiny marina at Santa Rosalia we headed into the northern Sea of Cortez with stops at Colleta Lobera, Bahia San Fransisquito, and Salsipuedes.  During the seven days we spent north of Santa Rosalia we didn't see even one other cruiser, and only saw on charter fish boat.  We then headed back for San Carlos to conclude this winter's sailing and take back to the land in our van.

Red Line
Updated 11/14/2006