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Deck Workshop Fwd Berth Saloon Galley Head Aft Cabin Specifications


The workshop is the forward-most belowdecks space on Legacy and is a great feature for any cruising boat.  Located where the second head would have been in the standard pullman layout, the workshop features a threshold above the normal waterline and a tightly sealing door with latches to compress a foam gasket for a water resistant seal.  The limber holes from the forepeak can be closed off from the forward berth with a valve.  All penetrations of this bulkhead below deck level are fitted with water-tight seals.  This provides a isolatable space in the event of holing forward.

Looking forward into the workshop from the forward berth.  You can see the workbench with vise, the documentation number plaque, and the forepeak access hatch. There is a good amount of storage for tools and spare parts under the workbench.

Rather than being finished with the beautiful cherry seen in the rest of the boat, the workshop is finished with ivory epoxy paint for durability.  There is a workbench with vise athwartships with storage beneath, and access to the forepeak and anchor locker above. 

Close ups of the storage beneath the workbench.  Items are held in place by bungee cords that unclip easily for access to stowed items.  We also have a box secured against the bulkhead aft for commonly needed items.

With the forepeak door open you can see the space available for stowage of light spares.  The vertical tubes are the hawse pipes leading to the anchor locker below.

To the upper right you can see the hose reel for the deck (and anchor) washdown pump access via a hatch in the deck.

Looking straight down into the anchor locker from inside the forepeak.  Port and starboard anchors have separate compartments for their rodes.  A wooden hatch not shown keeps items from falling from the forepeak into the lockers.  Both lockers are provided with fittings for securing the bitter ends of the rodes.

Looking at the port side of the workshop you can see the spinnaker stowed in its most compact form against the wall.  Beneath it you can see the storm jib in its red sailbag.

These two shots show the spinnaker being readied for use and in its launch and recovery position.  On the left the spinnaker bag is secured to the wall.  The three clips are released and the starboard side of the bag is extended aver the hatch and clipped to the ceiling. The head, tack, and clew of the sail are clipped into straps in the bag.  To launch the hatch is opened and the lines connected.  The chute in its sock is hoisted directly from the hatch.  When done it is dropped back into the hatch and secured, ready for its next use.
Looking aft towards the port side of the workshop you can see the door with its extra latches and stowage for the unused genoa against the hull.
The forward side of the aft bulkhead holds the Spectra Newport 400 watermaker.  This location provides for great access for filter changes, observation, and maintenance.  A valve is provided for checking output and for filling containers rather than putting water in the tanks. The remote control head for the watermaker is mounted in the galley over the sink. Output water is fed to the starboard tank. (We use that tank and retain the 60 gallons in the port tank as an emergency reserve.)  The system is equipped with a sensor allowing automatic shutdown when the tank is full.  The MPC control monitors the output water and only diverts it to the tank when it meets standards and also automatically flushes the system every 5 days if it has not been used, which helps maintain the RO membranes in good condition.
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Deck Workshop Fwd Berth Saloon Galley Head Aft Cabin Specifications

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