Legacy Sailing
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2002 Admiralty Race
During the solstice week each year the Juneau Yacht Club holds the Around Admiralty - Spirit of Adventure Race.  This 200 mile race starts and finishes in Juneau and usually goes north around Admiralty Island, south down Chatham Straight, stops at Baranof Warm Springs, then continues around the south end of Admiralty Island and back to Juneau via Stephens Passage.  The 2002 race was run in a cruising format with nightly stops to allow short-handed crews time to rest an recuperate.  (See the Admiralty Race map page for more information.) Despite forecasts of light to nonexistent winds the racers started out with two days of 20+ knots and big seas.  over the following days the winds diminished, until on the final leg everyone motored home. Legacy with her long waterline and narrow beam romped along nicely in the strong winds and moved well in the light stuff finishing first every day, and winning every leg except one on corrected time.  Our win was largely due to having the expert assistance of Jon and Linda Kumin as crew.

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Angoon_night.JPG (32804 bytes)The second day of sailing started at Whitestone harbor and went to Angoon.  Light northerlies in the morning turned to strong southerlies.   Commitment comes into Angoon just as night falls. Angoon_commit_anch.jpg (25613 bytes)Commitment and Pajarita lie at anchor in the somewhat open anchorage at Angoon.
Angoon_Calisto.jpg (86794 bytes)Having a shallow keel, Calisto was able to anchor close to shore. bear.JPG (86841 bytes)The resident grizzly bear enjoyed the fresh beach grass at Baranof.
Legacy_crew.JPG (57675 bytes)Legacy's crew for the 2002 Admiralty: Linda Kumin, Jon Kunim, Heather, and Chris. Commit_sail_rep.jpg (50851 bytes)Gerald Gottschal repairs Commitment's blown out jib on the dock at Baranof.
On the run from Pybus Bay to Tracy Arm, Jon Kumin trims Legacy's chute standing on the cabin top for a clear view. skipper_steers.JPG (40689 bytes)Skipper Chris steers a steady course.
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