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2003 Transit to Puget Sound
In May 2003 we made the trip from Juneau to Puget Sound.  Unlike some of our previous trips, we took more time on this passage to stop and see the sights along the way and to visit some old favorites again.

Photos Archived:  The high resolution photos originally linked to the thumbnails on this page have been archived to save space on our webserver.  If you wish to view the full size version of any of these images please email us with a request.

Ari Stoesser harvested a black bear while we were in Taku Harbor and skinned it on the dock. In Cannery Cove a bear on the beach completely ignored our arrival and visit to the beach.
Red Bluff Bay Entrance looking in. Inside Red Bluff Bay - The m/v Mist Cove.
Inside Red Bluff Bay - The m/v Mist Cove Boats in the Anchorage at Red Bluff Bay.
Dinghy rides in Red Bluff Bay. Dinghy rides in Red Bluff Bay.
Spectacular waterfall in Red Bluff Bay. Scenery approaching the NW tip of Prince of Wales Island.  Probably El Capitan Peak.
Approaching Dry Pass. "Tug" approaching Dry Pass.
Minnow checks the course through Dry Pass. Chris steers in Dry Pass.
Waterfall Resort south fo Craig on POW. Amazingly green growth below the tide line in Elbow Cove, POW.
Orcas in Dixon Entrance off Cape Chacon, POW. Cape Chacon, POW.
Minnow getting a shave in Prince Rupert. Looking back at the West Entrance of Jackson Passage.
Crabber encountered in Jackson Passage. Ivory Island lighthouse, Millbank Sound.
Port McNeill Light RepairsWork crew repairs the light on the Port McNeill breakwater. Log boom being towed in Gabriola Passage in the Canadian Gulf Islands.
Chris spent time while motoring working on the lifeline netting. Kira, sleeping next to Chris, supervised this important work.
Canadian Fisheries ship patrols the border between US and Canada in Southern Kira and Minnow supervise Heather's efforts in the kitchen.
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