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2003 Puget Sound to San Francisco
In August 2003 we made the trip from Puget Sound to San Francisco  We started this leg by picking up Russ Tardif (Heather's brother) in Seattle and then spending the weekend in Port Ludlow at the Bob Perry Design Rendezvous.  From there we went out the Strait of Juan de Fuca with stops at Port Angelas and Neah Bay.  From there we passed Cape Flattery and turned left heading down the coast with a stops in Newport, Oregon and Fort Bragg, California before heading on to San Francisco Bay.

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Blindfolded dinghy races were a highlight of the Perry Rendezvous.  Here Chris crashes into boats as Russ tries to give navigational instructions. Russ proved to be much more able to row in a straight line while Chris navigated.
Russ told Chris to "pull hard" for the finish, which is when the oar snapped in two! Headed out the Strait of Juan de Fuca in little wind but large swells we passed the sailing vessel Sisu enroute to the Columbia River.
Leaving the Strait at dawn we found large swells as we approached Cape Flattery. Russ and Heather endure dawn's early light and the swells with Vancouver Island in the background.
The coast of Oregon had many cliffs, haystack rocks, and arches like these. One of Chris's favorite bridges is the one at Newport.  It is long enough to be hard to photograph except from a distance.
The approach span of ever increasing arches. Main span of the Newport bridge from the marina.
While sailing in light winds down the Oregon coast we were visited by dolphins.  It's hard to photo the dolphins, but the people watching them stand still. When sailing in big swells the rolling of the boat causes the sails to slat.  Here we use the whisker pole to hold the jib in position to hold the wind despite the rolling motion.
The entrance to Fort Bragg (Noyo River) is a small cut through the rocky ramparts. On the approach to San Francisco we passed the old army facilities of Fort Casey on the Marin Headlands.
Guano covered rock just before Point Bonita. Point Bonita Light with the Golden Gate in the background.  Note the suspension bridge leading to the light, a path we later took by land.
Off Point Bonita the waters are highly disturbed because of the strong tides in the area. Russ takes advantage of a rare Sprint signal to call home on our approach to the Golden Gate.
The city appears through the fog that shrouds the top of the bridge towers. Heather and Russ are all smiles as we pass under the Golden Gate entering into San Francisco Bay.
Looking back at the Golden Gate we were able to watch our friend Steve Esterbrook on the Freedom 44 "Polecat" silouetted against the tower of the bridge. The obligatory picture of Alcatraz as we pass by on our way to Emeryville.
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