Legacy Sailing
 Photo Gallery 8  
Winter 2003
Cabo San Lucas to La Paz, Mexico
We escaped the hustle and bustle of Cabo as soon as we could manage and headed toward La Paz, about 120 miles to the north.  We stopped in both of the major anchorages along the way, Los Frailles and Muertos, and waited out contrary winds and rough seas.  Arriving in La Paz we did our provisioning and got settled in for a few days. 

Jon and Linda Kumin, friends from Anchorage, joined us for too few days and we had a great sail out to the Islands of Espiritu Santos and Partida where we enjoyed the warm water and beautiful setting.

Back to La Paz to drop off Jon and Linda and await the completion of our import permit.  Once completed we are off to Mazatlan on the mainland.

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As Legacy departs Cabo you can see the departing US Navy ship and an anchored cruise ship.  Typical day. We anchored in beautiful, tiny Santa Maria Bay and enjoyed the company of MANY day boats of snorkelers.
Our high tech fishing rig.  We troll a lure on the end of a 150 foot line which is connected to the rubber bungy (shock absorber) and tied off to a soda can on the white line as an alarm for fish strikes. As weird as it looks, it works! Here is the wahoo we caught using the handline alongside the boat.  When a fish is caught he must be pulled in hand over hand and gaffed to get him aboard.
The wahoo rests on the cockpit floor prior to being cleaned.  He measured 49" from snout to tip of tail. A scenic view of the coastline between Los Frailes and Muertos.  The low reddish headland is Punta Colorado.
This illustrates to low quality of the charts of Mexico.  The charted coastline is in orange, the actual coastline is shown on the radar overlay, about 1/4 mi. NE of where it is charted.  Obviously careful visual navigation, and reliance on guides and sketch charts is the rule. The anchorage at Muertos.  Legacy rests in the foreground with several other boats anchored nearby.
A group of panga fishermen try to catch bait in the shallows with a throw net before heading out. Kira enjoys a walk on the reef.
The head of the Ensenada de Los Muertos showing pangas and the road to La Paz. Although most of the desert plants are a bit drab, there are spots of color like these flowers and the butterflies.
A saguaro cactus frames the anchorage at Muertos. A classic cactus on the hillside above Muertos makes a perfect bird rest.
The entrance to La Paz involves a long shallow channel that avoids the shallow sand banks that line the bay.  Marina Palmira is at the right end of the hill. A large Mexican flag flies over the city of La Paz.
Heading out of La Paz to the islands of Espritu Santo and Partida we see the headlands fall astern. We had good sailing breezes for Jon and Linda's visit.  Chris steers while Linda reads.
Jon relaxes in the cockpit as we sail to the islands. On our way out of La Paz we caught a beautiful 46 inch dorado (mahi-mahi).  Yum!  (Kumin photo)
Kira relaxes while we sail along. Uncharacteristically Minnow is awake as we sail...I guess that means the motor must be off!
Chris and Jon secure the sailcover. In Partida Cove we had a nice sunset that illuminated the hills with warm orange light.
Jon and Chris made an exploration to visit the beach east of the dinghy passage between the islands.  Lot o' rocks. The beaches at Partida Cove were perfect for serious dog play. 
The dogs take off fast after a stick thrown by Chris. Water doesn't slow down a PWD at play!
Minnow, the stick stealer, returns from the water with the prize. Minnow enjoys a good chew on a stick.  The reward for a good job fetching.
Following a good romp on the beach the dogs use Chris as a couch. At the foot of gulley Chris examines a sign promising a trail up the canyon to dry waterfalls.
Hoping for a view, Jon and Chris decided to follow the trail up the canyon for a view. The trail was just a figment of someone's imagination.  The hillside was unmarked by trail or path!
Chris rests in the shade in the canyon.  The many bugs of the bottom of the route disappeared as we got higher. Dry cactus and other spiky plants dominated.  Lot of lizards and bugs too.
Jon stops briefly on one on the dry waterfalls on our route. At the highpoint of our hike we can see the boat in the Anchorage.  Jon tries to tell Heather and Linda where to look for us on the side of the island.
From our high point we can see across the island and look out to East toward the mainland. Jon caught Chris at the igh point of our hike (Kumin photo)
Looking down into the anchorage in Partida Cove where Legacy is anchored to the left. After shopping, Heather washes all the produce in a bleach solution and sets it out to dry.
Maintenance on a boat often requires awkward positions.  Chris is crammed into the forepeak to repair navigation light wiring. Mary Kay Swords takes her aussie Reno over our agility jumps on the La Paz beach.
Kira practices weaves on the racing club beach. Minnow charges over the teeter with the virtual marina in the background.
Reno makes a nicely controlled entry to the teeter. Reno, Kira, and Minnow pose with Chris after practicing their agility skills in La Paz.
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