Legacy Sailing
 Photo Gallery 9  
Winter 2003
La Paz to Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico
In late December 2003 we made the 400 mile passage from La Paz to Nuevo Vallarta (Banderas Bay).  (Map of route.)  We made one stop of about 12 hours along the way at Isla Isabela, a small island known for its bird population.  From there we headed on to Nuevo Vallarta where we stayed in the lap of luxury at Paradise Village Marina.

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Rounding the South side of Isabela and looking into the main anchorage and small settlement. The two rock spires on the East side brought to mind a crouching griffin and the back of a giant stone hawk.
Clouds of birds flew constantly over the island and nearby waters.  Because of the very low tides the beach was protected by a rocky reef making landing difficult indeed. Chris drops the hook in the East side anchorage.
Christmas carolers made it as far as the "topete" at the end of "E" dock in Paradise Village.  
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