Legacy Sailing
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Winter 2003
The Mexican Gold Coast - Ipala, Chamala, Tenacatita and Barra de Navidad
On New Year's Day we escaped from Paradise Village and headed south down the "Gold Coast".  We made stops in Ipala, Chamala, Tenacatita, and Barra de Navidad.  This series of beautiful anchorages are the favorite of many cruisers due to the generally settled tropical weather, warm clear waters, and pleasant surroundings.

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Mary Ann II and Dragonfly rest in the Ipala anchorage. The constant chore of taking the girls to the beach continues a Chamala.
Clouds of birds swirl over the cactus and other vegitation at Colletta Partida, Chamala. Jean thinks Reg looks good up the mast of Dragonfly.  Maybe she'll leave him there!
The marina at Puerto de a Navidad sits directly in front of the hotel making access easy. Looking down into the marina from the lobby level of the Bahia Grande Hotel.
Beautifully landscaped grounds enhance the hotel. Architecture combining outside and shady spaces inside characterize the hotel.
Barre de Navidad is just across the lagoon from the marina as seen from the upper levels of the hotel. The french baker tours the marina and lagoon each morning delivering fresh croissants and bagettes. [J. Stockard photo]
Pangas are the major means of transportation from the marina to all locations in the area. [J. Stockard photo] After their daily swim a rinse on the dock is in order.  Kira objects somewhat. [J. Stockard photo]
Sailing between Barra and Tenacatita we encountered the smallest of the Ha-ha boats, Falcor headed for Z-town. We also crossed paths with Hiolani who snapped some pictures of Legacy sailing in the gentle breeze.
More of Hiolani's pictures of Legacy. More of Hiolani's pictures of Legacy.
Impressive clouds in the anchorage at Tenacatita with Valerie K in the foreground. [J. Stockard photo] Waves on the reef near Good Dog Beach. [J. Stockard photo]
When we are going to stay in an anchorage for a while we set up the ShadeTree awning to keep the girls cool. [J. Stockard photo] The sun finally returns to the anchorage at Tenacatita!
Patterns in the sand near Good Dog Beach. [J. Stockard photo] Kira preferrs to ride on the kayak with Chris. [J. Stockard photo]
Some dogs (Kira in this case) can find a dignified place to rest on the swim step. Other dogs (Minnow here) have little sense of grace and dignity. [J. Stockard photo]
The "Jungle River Trip" at Tenacatita follows a river through the mangroves about three miles to a lagoon.  Here a pelican rests in a tree along the way.  [J. Stockard photo] The mangroves eventually close in over the river, leaving a passageway about 8 feet wide and 6 feet high.
Pangas beached in the lagoon at the end of the river trip.  [J. Stockard photo] In and unusual move, Heather actually negotiated for a necklace with one of the beach vendors. [J. Stockard photo]
The beach across from the lagoon fronts on the rocks which form the good snorkling area called "the aquarium." After a long day of adventuring, Joan and Minnow relax in the shade of the cockpit.
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