Legacy Sailing
 Photo Gallery 15  
May 2004
Juneau, AK to Calgary, Alberta
We left Juneau on the Alaska Ferry m/v Taku and landed at Skagway where we took back to the highways.  We headed up to Whitehorse and Takhini Hot Springs, then east on the Alaska Highway to Watson Lake.  We followed the highway east until we turned south towards Prince George and then on to Jasper.

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As the Alaska Marine Highway ferry Taku pulled out we got a great view of Auke Bay and the Mendenhall Galcier. During our brief stop in Haines the ship was brightly lit as the late evening twilight dimmed.
In Skagway Minnow hung out the window and watched the crowds of tourists. The Carcross "desert."  An area of sandy dunes that Minnow and Kira found perfect for a romp.
Watson Lake's famous sign forest of made and stolen signs from around the world posted by visitors covers a large park along the highway. Stone sheep along the highway in BC appear to be eating stones from the roadway.  Huh?
The Alaska Highway offers great views as it winds through the mountains along it path. A female elk spent the evening browsing the grass in the campground before bedding down under a tree overnight.
On the Icefields Parkway between Jasper and Lake Louise the Athebasca Falls are a major attraction. The parkway provides many spectacular vistas as it climbs towards the Columbia Glacier.
The Columbia Glacier is a major tourist attraction since it is accessible by foot or on tours by snow crawlers operated by Brewster's concession. Brewster's has operated vehicles on the glacier since the late 1920s.  By the early 50s they needed more capacity so created this track equipped greyhound bus!
The modern version of the snow trak is much more refined, able to climb 32 degree grades in comfort. The views of the peaks surrounding the turn around point on the glacier were beautiful.
As good tourists we got someone to take out picture standing on the glacier. Looking back down the glacier from the turnaround to the moraine staging area and the visitor center along the highway.
We made a "drive-by" visit to Lake Louise in light rain, stopping long enough for the girls to pose. Jeff of Banff Fishing Unlimited was Chris' flyfishing guide on the Bow River.
While Chris fished, Heather enjoyed touring Banff, including a ride up the gondola in town. At the top, boardwalks and stairs lead along the ridge to viewpoints.
Great vistas of Banff and the surrounding mountains from the ridge. Bighorn sheep inhabit the ridge, and ignore the presence of people who have ridden the gondola.
In Calgary Heather judged a Rally O trial.  Here she briefs the competitors before starting. Heather judges one of the competitors.
The "Top Dogs" television crew was present and filmed the trial judged by Heather.  She was miked and interviewd before and after the runs. Heather received a caricature statuette of Minnow, complete with underbite and white goatee.
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