Legacy Sailing
 Photo Gallery 16  
June 2004
Calgary, Alberta to Wyoming
Heading south from Calgary we zipped down to visit friends in Spokane and Sandpoint and then slowed down as we moved into Montana.  We spent two full days enjoying Glacier National Park and then headed to Great Falls and then on down to Bozeman and finally to Livingston where we spent a week in a rented cabin along the Yellowstone River.  From there we headed across Montana and into the northeastern corner of Wyoming for a visit to Devil's Tower, a spot well remembered from a trip many years ago.

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In Glacier National Park this bear was wandering down the Going to the Sun Road when we came along. The Going to the Sun Road clings to the side of the mountain as it ascends from Lake McDonald.
Gorgeous views distract the driver from the narrow and winding road as the passenger peers nervously down into the void close alongside the car. The sun shining on the spring snow accentuates the texture of the mountains.
We drove over the Going to the Sun Road (a 1930s CCC project) only 3 days after it opened.  Recent storms had plastered the mountain tops with brilliant white rime ice. Glacier National Park is sort of misnamed as glaciers play a much smaller role in the scenery than do lakes.  Here Chris stands on the dock in Lake Josephine in a scene very common in the park.
Just to the east of the park the mountains give away suddenly to the plains, which seem to go on forever. "Rainbow Cabin" near Livingston, MT.  We spent a week here enjoying the peace of not being on the road!
The view south out of one of three large windows.  The light on the mountains a constant wonder. Heather made friends with Lyman, one of the horses living on the property before he was traded in on a new model
Being in the area we had to make a trip to Yellowstone.  Monument terraces are near the north entrance. Heather takes a photo as we pass (rapidly) by the cause of a 1 hour traffic slowdown.
The Norris Geyser basin has the usual assortment of dribbling pools, steaming fumaroles, and occasionally spitting geysers. The colors of algae and bacterial mats in the runoff from the hot springs paint the landscape.  Here at Norris the runoff from two springs joins.
The runoff from Polychrome Pool at the Midway Basin glistens as it runs down the shallow terraces it has built. As the sky darkened with storm clouds late in the afternoon, the sun lit the steam rising from the White Dome Geyser.
At Pompey's Pillar Wm Clark inscribed his name and the date in the rock, the only such memorial to their journey. The indian memorial at the Little Bighorn battlefield includes these wonderful wire sculptures.
Devil's tower looks like the giant stump or bear clawed mountain of indian legends.  
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