Legacy Sailing
 Photo Gallery 18  
July 2004
Nashville, TN to Boston, MA
After visiting Heather's step sister, Ellen Gilbert, in Nashville we headed north with a stop at Mammoth Caves.  From the caves we headed to Hudson, Ohio  (near Columbus) to visit Heather's childhood friend Connie.  After a couple of enjoyable days in the Cuyahoga Valley, including a Jimmy Buffett concert at Blossom Music Center, we headed to the northwest corner of Ohio to an agility trial at Montpelier.  At the end of the trial we headed up to Dearborn, Michigan to visit Heather's nephew, Nathan.  From there we headed southeast across Ohio with stops near Springfield to visit Heather's childhood home.  Continuing southeast we stopped at Hopewell Mounds NHS and then drove over 100 miles of the Blue Ridge Parkway before stopping outside of Charlottesville, VA for a visit with Larry and Lori Borish.  We then headed for Baltimore where Heather caught a flight to Florida for her grandmother's 100th birthday while Chris visited sights around Baltimore and stopped to see Capt. Kirk at the Downtown Sailing Center.  On Heather's return we headed up into Pennsylvania to attend a PWD workshop and water trial, the girls first.  On to Gettysburg (our only battlefield), Hershey PA, Valley Forge, the Delaware Water Gap and then Hyde Park.  Hyde Park has the Eleanor Roosevelt Val-Kil NHS, the Vanderbilt Mansion NHS, and the FDR Museum and Mansion.  From there we hit the home stretch with only a quick stop at the Springfield Armory NHS and Dr Suess sculpture garden before arriving safely at Chris' mother's home in Lexington, outside of Boston.
Heather and Ellen at the Gilbert's in Nashville. Most of Mammoth Caves passages are broad and high, but in "Fat Man's Misery" the roof comes down and the hips and feet have to squeeze through a stream channel in the floor.
Near Hudson, Ohio we toured Sten Hywet, the country estate of the founder of Goodyear, with Heather's friend Connie Miyajima. Heather and Connie pose in the entrance of their new home, Sten Hywet.  Upkeep costs forced them to immediately donate it back to the current owners.
Kira flies over a jump during the agility trial at Montpelier, Ohio. On our visit to the Henry Ford Nathan, Russ, Heather, and Chris posed in the shade while waiting for the factory tour.
In the Springfield, Ohio area we visited sites from Heather's childhood, including the Indian Lake Yacht Club. Not to miss a National Park that we could hit with a "drive-by" we stopped at the Hopewell Mounds NHS for a brief visit and walk around the mounds.
Very hazy conditions along the Blue Ridge left us without vistas to photograph, but we did stop for the classic mill photo to recreate and image Chris took in childhood. There was lots of history along the Blue Ridge, including a number of logging railroads like this one that were used to strip the hills of all trees in the 1800's.
Larry Borish and Chris made a short day hike in Shenandoah National Park up the three falls trail.  Here Larry relaxes at the viewpoint overlooking the upper falls. Heather flew from Baltimore, MD to Florida to attend her grandmother Isabel's 100th birthday.  Here Isabel poses with Kristen 'Bearbait' Tardif, Heather's niece.
While Heather was off to Florida Chris toured Maryland's eastern shore, including Assateague National Seashore.  It is famous for its wild horses, here wading in salt water! At Fort McHenry NHS this statue of Orpheus commemorating Francis Scott Keys' composition of the anthem was moved away from the gates of the fort to a less distracting location.
In Hyde Park, NY we visited the FDR NHS where we saw this lively statue outside the visitor's center. In addition to the mansion the Vanderbilt Mansion NHS preserves the colorful formal gardens.
In the quadrangle of museums at Springfield Massachusetts the works of Dr Suess are commemorated in a wonderful statuary garden.  Here the artist and the Cat in the Hat appear. The statuary really draws one to touch it and to pose.  Heather joins one of Suess' characters looking on to the storyteller's chair.
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