Legacy Sailing
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August 2004
New England
While relaxing for a month in Lexington outside of Boston we made some side trips about New England.

The first was a day hike to a low range of hills south of Mount Monadnock called the Wapac range.  No altitude but still nice views of the rolling hills in the neighborhood.  The area around the hills is full of antique shops and attractive small towns with picturesque houses and barns.

Heather and I made a four day trip to the far northern coast of Maine to visit her uncle Bud (aka Van) VanDevender in Calais.  While there we toured Eastport, Lubec, and Campobello before following the coast south.  A quick stop at Mt Desert Island knocked off another National Park and an inland jig took us to our first alma mater, Bates College in Lewiston, Maine.

Chris took two days to visit the Presidential range in New Hampshire with old friends John Myers and George Hovorka.  After a brief warm up hike we spent the night at the AMC Highland Center and the next day made a multi-modal hike of Mounts Washington, Monroe, and Jefferson.  We used our car to get to the hike, rode the cog railway to the top of Mt. Washington, and hiked 12 miles back to the car.  A fun day with some nice views and great companions.

We enjoyed an excursion to Stowe, Vermont for the Nomad dog agility trials where Kira and Minnow played at agility.  All had fun, but no great success shown by ribbons won.  Not to miss a National Park we stopped at the Saint-Gaudens NHS in New Hampshire for interesting displays of his works.

On the crest of the Wapac Range John Meyers poses in front of the vista. Chris poses on top of New Ipswich Mt. with Minnow.  You can't see Minnow because John, who has taken dozens of pictures of Chris with the head cut off, took this one too.
The ridgeline offered lots of bushes heavy with blueberries to satisfy hiking hunger pangs. At Isle St. Croix, a very early effort at colonization by the French, Canada and the US have established a joint park. 
On the US side of the river the small park that overlooks the island is home to a series of bronze statues depicting colonists and native americans. Heather poses with her uncle Van at the Isle St. Croix National Historic Site.
The waterfront of Eastport is graced with this great statue.  Friends from Juneau might think there is a resemblance to long-time resident Steve Willingham. The Roosevelt summer home on Canada's Campobello Island is an international park run by both the US and Canada.
Along the waterfront of Lubec, commercial vessels hang on moorings off the wharf. Just outside of Lubec is the easternmost point of the US, West Quoddy Head.  Chris, Kira, and Minnow pose in the fog and cool wind.
On our return through southern Maine we stopped at Bates College, our original alma mater where Heather and I met.  Much construction and improvement to the campus. Billed as the 'senior citizen tour of the presidentials' John Myers, George Hovorka, and Chris spent a day hiking.  To make the hike easier we cheated and took the cog railway to the top.
George peers out of the wind of the single car of the cog railway.  The day dawned with low clouds and fog, which shrouded the ride to the summit of Mt. Washington. Leaving the summit of Washington we made our way south towards Mt. Monroe in the mist and fog.
As the day progressed the clouds and fog lifted giving us a nice walk along the Gulfside trail as we headed north. Heading for Mt. Jefferson we crossed our path up the mountain where the trail passed under the tracks.
Just as we reached the summit of Mt. Jefferson the clouds cleared.  Mt. Adams is in the background. One of many fine meals included lobsters brought back fresh from the Maine coast. (Joan Stockard photo)
At the Saint-Gaudens NHS many of his sculptural works are represented in recastings and plaster models.  They are set in gardens and hedged niches. A plaster model for an ornate fireplace created for one of his rich patrons.
Heather helped out at the Nomad agility trial in Stowe working as a timer, scribe and other support jobs. (Joan Stockard photo) On Sunday after the sun came out!  Our sun shade and the camper with the top popped for room and ventilation. (Joan Stockard photo)
Kira watches the action on the course from her favorite spot in the driver's seat. (Joan Stockard photo) Chris and Minnow return from a Novice Regular run.  Happy, but short of a qualifying leg. (Joan Stockard photo)
Kira lurks in the garden at my mother's home in Lexington. (Joan Stockard photo)  
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