Legacy Sailing
 Photo Gallery 27  
February 2005
Back to Tenacatita and Barra de Navidad
After SailFest was over we reprovisioned and checked out of the port and retraced our path back to Santiago Bay and then to Barra de Navidad and Tenacatita.  Our friend, Mike Clemens, flew down from Juneau for a week-long visit.  After a night in the marina we headed back to Tenacatita so he could sample the pleasures of the cruising life.  In addition to immediately putting the repair parts he brought to use, we also managed to take in the jungle river cruise, games on the beach, and the many pleasures of Tenacatita.
Mike rises early so was able to take some great photos of the Grand Bay Hotel and grounds in the early morning light. (M. Clemens photo) February is the busiest time in the marina so more slips than usual were filled with cruisers.  Most are preparing to start north as spring starts. (M. Clemens photo)
Leaving Barra de Navidad we had a nice moderate breeze for a sail to Tenacatita.  Heather steers as we get the sails raised. (M. Clemens photo) Beating to windward in gentle breezes Chris watches the sails and keeps an eye out for fishing gear and the small boats that frequent the area. (M. Clemens photo)
Mike took the helm and looked properly nautical.  Patriotic, too,  posing in front of the flag. Mike brought boat repair parts with him.  Installation required that we empty the contents of the lazarette onto the deck.  And this is only some of the pile! (M. Clemens photo)
Chris takes the girls for their usual morning run to the beach.  You might notice the particularly nice boat in the background.  That is 5th Element, Saga 43 hull #25. (M. Clemens photo) Since we had all the toys out of the lazarette we inflated the kayaks.  Minnow found that the softly inflated hull made a great spot for a nap.
We took the usual jungle river cruise and also met the usual panga in the mangrove swamp. He pulled over for us. (M. Clemens photo) We all enjoyed a leisurely lunch at Fiesta Mexicana at the beach at the end of the jungle river cruise. (M. Clemens photo)
One of the pleasures of Mexico is the common use of bright colors to accent even simple things.  A fence separating palapa restaurants. Beach vendors sell jewelry, wooden carvings, hammocks, ship models, and of course brightly colored beach toys. (M. Clemens photo)
At the far end of the jungle river cruise the girls got to play in the surf.  Then Minnow enjoyed getting sandy under our luncheon table and depositing it on Mom's lap Kira is always one to make herself comfortable.  On the dinghy ride she perched on the dinghy tubes in a most human pose.
A Tenacatita tradition is the "Mayor's night out" dinghy raft-up.  Here Robert, the recently reelected mayor, welcomes and exhorts the cruisers attending the raft-up. (M. Clemens photo) Each boat represented at the raft-up has to introduce themselves and tell a bit of their story. Here Jill and Mike from Bright Angel hold forth. (M. Clemens photo)
One of the pleasures of Tenacatita are the many things to do.  Kayaking is an obvious way to enjoy the bay. We also fought our way up the mouth the jungle river for a quiet paddle among the birds in the river. (M. Clemens photo)
Snorkeling and swimming off the boat are daily activities.  Kira is towing Chris with her tail. (M. Clemens photo) Some of the teenage cruisers convinced one of the dinghies to tow them about riding surfboards. (M. Clemens photo)
Chris and Mike toured Barra de Navidad and convinced a French tourist to take their picture with the Grand Bay in the background. (M. Clemens photo) For a last meal before putting Mike in a cab for the airport we dined at Popeye's, known for its good seafood.  Mike ate a mixed plate of octopus, conch, and shrimp with gusto.
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