Legacy Sailing
 Photo Gallery 28  
March 2005
PV, Banderas Bay Regatta, and Mazatlan
After a several day delay in Chamala waiting for reasonable weather to round Cabo Corrientes we zoomed out one night and made it around to Banderas Bay without major problems.  Our main reason for being in Banderas Bay was for the Regatta run out of Paradise Village Marina.  We enjoyed the racing and even had a couple of pretty good days of it, though sadly our best race was cancelled due to lack of wind after 4 hours.  Despite that we finished 3rd out of the six boats in our class.  We remained in Paradise Village for an additional week completeing chores and waiting for a weather window for Mazatlan.  When the weather was right we moved to Punta Mita and then headed direct for Mazatlan in company with Sunbreak, Mildred Kane, and Vamoose.  We made a quick passage covering the 160 miles in just 24 hours.
In Chamala we were treated to some beautiful sunsets.  Here Rod Lee is anchored under the lee of the point. Regatta week included other activities such as Optimist dinghy races.  Here Chris just sneaks in a win at the finish!
At the Vallarta Yacht club we met up with four of our race crew: Jason and Joan, and John and Suli. At the start of race one we are right on the starting line with Jason on the bow calling our approach to the line.  We nailed it!
In race two we got our picture taken sailing past the committee boat during the races in Banderas Bay. Jason called jib trim in the light air which plagued us on the last race.  Up and down and all around...
Chris and Joan watch the sails and the wind in the very light conditions of the last day of racing. Out on the race course we were blanketed by the 70 foot cat, Profligate.  Dolphins play in front of her.
We headed north in company with Sunbreak, Mildred Kane, and Vamoose.  During the 26 hour passage we passed Vamoose and took a couple of pictures.  Mike and Sylvia in the cockpit. Moments later we caught up to Mildred Kane, a Valient 32, with Joan at the helm.  The swells dropped all day and a nice breeze built allowing all of us to make good time during the daylight hours.
Luis the Barber trims David's hair on the dockbox.  The only place that you can get a 50 peso haircut. More Mazatlan transport.  These red pickups with bench seats in the back are called spiders for all the legs in back!  They run larger groups of locals and tourists all over town.
An overview from a nearby bridge.  In the foreground work on a residential area.  Middle to the right is Isla Marina, to the left and in the background is Marina Mazatlan.  The new condos are to the left in the back.  
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