Legacy Sailing
 Photo Gallery 29  
April 2005
La Paz
The crossing of the Sea of Cortez from Mazatlan to La Paz requires a weather window that minimizes or eliminates the normal northwesterly winds since that is the same direction of the passage.  We got a good weather window that even promised some unusual southerly winds so headed across with several other boats.  The 230 miles went by easily except for the last 20 which were straight into strong winds.  Fortunately the seas were only moderate and we made good time.  We stopped overnight in Coleta Lobos outside of La Paz to rest up before heading into the metropolis.  When we did head in there were strong northerly winds which made anchoring unappealing.  Fortunately the Marina de La Paz had room for us even though our reservation wasn't for a few more days.  This gave us extra time to prepare the boat for the arrival of Chris's mother. 

After Joan arrived we spent a couple of lazy days visiting the local sights and finishing up our provisioning for the several weeks until we again have access to a 'real' grocery store.

We think this water color portrait of Kira and Minnow by 7 year old Jocelyn off Pangea does a great job of capturing their joi to vivre. Joselyn, the artist, poses on the dock with her adoring subjects, Kira and Minnow.  Joselyn was a regular visitor to both Legacy and Sunbreak until her boat, Pangea, departed enroute Hawaii.
Marina de La Paz has completely rebuilt the docks and has been adding these wave barriers extending into the channel to reduce the waves impacting on the marina. Neighboring Marina de La Paz is this cellular phone tower disguised to resemble a tree.  The shaft of the tower is textured with palm-like diamond shapes.  At night a red light on the top weirdly illuminates the fronds.
We enjoyed a pleasant breakfast on the quay in front of the Vista Coral.  The anchored boats a great background, and since its outside the girls got to come too! (J. Stockard photo) Across the park from the cathedral is the old Government House, now housing a program for juveniles.  The mission style design enhances the setting of the garden in the square.
Downtown La Paz has a square a few blocks from the market with the main cathedral.  The different dates of construction are reflected in the colors of the stone. The side door to the cathedral decorated with a bow mourning the passing Pope John Paul II.
One of the constant facts of life on the road is accessing money through ATMs.  In Mexico they are common and when used with caution quite reliable. Joan resting on the malecon modeling her new  straw sun hat.
From Marina de La Paz the smoke from the fire downtown was pretty obvious, and that was before the sirens started and the Navy detachment started sending trucks and marines.  The fire was reported to have been in the 'chinese hardware store.' Looking across the water at downtown La Paz the very heavy dark smoke had everyone worried that the fire would be large and would spread.  Fortunately the response was well organized and the fire soon out according to cruisers who were in the downtown area during the incident.
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