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Summer 2004 - On the Road Around N.America
Red Line
In April 2004 we hauled the boat in San Carlos, Sonora, Mexico for the summer hurricane season and took to our car for a long tour of North America.  Our intention was to visit family, friends, and as many National Parks and Monuments as we could.  We headed north into Arizona and spent a couple of weeks visiting puebloan cultural sites before zooming north to Juneau. [Gallery 14]  After three weeks in Juneau we headed north to Skagway and then down the Alcan Highway and on to Calgary. [Gallery 15]  From there we headed to Spokane, WA and then on to Glacier National Park, Great Falls, Bozeman, and then Livingston, Montana. After a break in Livingston we headed across Montana and Wyoming. [Gallery 16]  From there we headed east into South Dakota for visits to the Black Hills and Laura Ingalls Wilder Country.  Onward then to the Apostle Islands of Lake Superior, Green Bay, and Madison Wisconsin before heading south through Chicago.  From Chicago we headed due south to Nashville and relatives. [Gallery 17]  From Nashville we headed to Ohio and Michigan for visits to family and friends.  From there we headed into Virginia for a visit to the Blue Ridge and friends, then on to Baltimore, Hyde Park, NY, and finally Lexington (just outside of Boston for a visit with Chris' mother. [Gallery 18]  During our month staying in Lexington we made four trips around the New England area.  Chris made two hiking trips and we made a trip to Maine to visit Heather's uncle and another to Stowe, Vermont for an agility trial. [Gallery 19]  Leaving New England we headed down the east coast shoreline until we were forced to detour inland to avoid tropical storm Gaston.  We made it to Heather's relatives in Florida just in time for the arrival of hurricane Frances. [Gallery 20]  After dodging Hurricane Ivan too, we headed back for the Pacific Northwest on a long diagonal across the country with stops in Atlanta, St. Louis, and Kansas City. We carried on across the plains with stop at Scottsbluff and Craters of the Moon NM before pulling into Seattle. [Gallery 21]  From Seattle we headed for the Oregon coast for the Portuguese Water Dog National Specialty for a week. We left the coast and headed for Crater Lake National Park and Lassan Volcanic National Park and a stop for the night at South Lake Tahoe.  From there a "drive-by" of Yosemite and on down to San Diego. From San Diego we headed for Phoenix for an agility trial and then back to the boat in San Carlos, Sonora, Mexico. [Gallery 22]  The GREEN highlight traces our route. The links take you to the gallery of detailed maps and photos for that section.  Some statistics from our trip:
    Days away from the boat: 197
      Nights in hotels: 51  (25.9%)
      Nights camping: 54  (27.4%)
      Nights with family, friends, or other: 85  (43.1%)
      Nights in Montana cabin: 7  (3.6%)
    States visited: 41
    Canadian Provinces visited: 4
    National Parks visited: 12
    National Monuments, Historical Sites, etc.: 44
    Dogs competed in 10 trails
      Water trails: 2
      Agility trials: 5
      Rally trials: 3
    Mileage covered: approx. 25,000 miles
Red Line
Updated 11/14/2006