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Minnow and Kira lookout from the boat.

Kira running a jumpers course in the mud.

The August 2002 Juneau Agility Trial was plauged with heavy rain and wind which turned the soccar field into a sea of mud!

Frosty noses after a cold walk on a winter's day at the beach.


Minnow and her relatives.

Kira and Minoow nap in the cockpit.

When underway the dogs wear life vests which provide handles so they can be lifted out of the water or other trouble. In heavy weather they also wear harnesses and tethers when on deck (just like their people).

Camp Dog Fun - Swimmers!

Ketchikan August 2002. The hot sunny weather actually saw folks get into the water of the Naha River!

Minnow on the beach

Minnow chomps a stick after playing the surf at Espiritu Santos off La Paz, Mexico.

Chase the stick!

Minnow and Kira charge into the water Partida Cove after a stick.

Kira practices weaves on the beach.

Weave practice on the beach in La Paz.

Minnow charges the teeter!

Minnow enjoys the teeter with Chris on the beach in La Paz, Mexico.

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