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During our travels we have occasionally spent enough time in a single location to learn information useful to others.  This page has links to useful information that we have gathered about places we have traveled.  Caution - this information is provided without warranty as to its accuracy.  As always, use all your senses and any navigational information available to you and make your own judgment as to safe navigation.

  • Tenacatita and Barra de Navidad
    GPS locations for rocks and reefs in the area of Tenacatita Bay, waypoints and route for Barra Lagoon entry, amended survey of the Barra Lagoon and fuel dock appoach, directory of services as of spring 2006.  Street map of Barra de Navidad.  Nobeltec import files.
  • Ensenada Carrizal (North end Santiago Bay near Manzanillo, MX)
    A chartlet of Ensenada Carrizal showing the results of our depth survey of the anchorage at the head of the bay.

  • San Blas Islands, Panama
    When we were in Panama we found the charts (electronic and traditional) of the San Blas archipelago to be basically useless. On the other hand, the chartlets printed in the Bauhaus guide were right on and very detailed. We found a free-ware navigation application, SeaClear II, that would allow us to scan paper charts and then use these digitized charts on our PC including showing our boat's position from GPS information available on our PC. Although navigation in the San Blas is still largely eyeball navigation, having a gps position on a reliable electronic chart was very useful to the us and increased our comfort significantly. You should buy the Bauhaus guide to Panama and digitize the charts as we did. If you can convince me that you have bought the guide, I will send you the digitized charts I made.
Page update 11/26/2013