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Are you looking for a Rally Obedience judge?

Heather is an APDT Level I and II judge, and is happy to help with rally obedience trials and matches around the country.  She is particularly interested in helping new clubs or groups get rally obedience started in their area.  If you can be flexible with your trial or match dates, check out our calendar to see if we are going to be in your area.  We generally travel around the U.S. during the summer and early fall months.

What is Rally Obedience?

Rally Obedience is a fun new dog sport that combines basic dog obedience skills with the flow and interaction of agility.  There are 70 signs with different exercises, such as “Halt-Sit-Down”, “Call Front Finish Left”, “About U Turn” and “Straight Figure 8”.  The dog and handler team complete a course by moving from sign to sign, performing the exercises indicated.  Unlike formal competitive obedience, handlers are encouraged to interact with their dogs, offering praise and multiple cues.  Food can even be used in the ring!

Several organizations are offering rally obedience trials, including the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT), the World Wide Kennel Club (WWKC) and the American Kennel Club (AKC).  We’ve been enjoying APDT RallyO, which is the first group with rally as a titling event.  APDT also allows mixed breed dogs and dogs with disabilities to compete. 

Our two Portuguese Water Dogs (PWD), Kira and Minnow, have APDT rally titles.  Kira has titles at both Level I (magna cum laude) and Level II.  She was the first PWD to title at each level and one of the first dogs in the country to have a Level II title!  Minnow and Chris earned a Level II title at the 2004 trial in Calgary..   In 2005, Kira added her first qualifying leg at Level III.

Is your group interested in Rally Obedience?

One of the things we are doing as we travel is working with dog groups to help them start rally obedience programs.  Heather is an APDT Rep and Level I and Level II judge.  If we are traveling in your area, Heather would be glad to talk with your group about starting a rally obedience program, give a short seminar on the rally exercises, judge a fun match, or serve as rep or judge at an APDT RallyO Trial.  To find out, when we will be in your area, check our planning calendar or email us at stockard“at”123mail.net. (Replace the “at” with “@”).

Why is Heather qualified to help?

Heather was scorekeeper and ring steward at the very first APDT RallyO trials in September 2001 in Ellenville, New York.  She was instrumental in bringing RallyO to Juneau, teaching classes with the Capital Kennel Club of Juneau (CKCOJ) and judging fun matches.  In April 2002, CKCOJ became the first local club to put on an APDT RallyO trial.  Heather was trial chair and APDT rep for that trial as well as trials in September 2002 and April 2003.  At the April 2003 trial, four dogs from Juneau (including Kira) were among the first dogs in the country to earn Level II titles.  In 2004, Heather qualified to judge APDT Level II trials.  She enjoys and believes in rally obedience and would like to share her enthusiasm with others interested in the sport.

How can I learn more about rally obedience?

For more information, check out the following links and resources:

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Rally Obedience web page
Bud Kramer's rally obedience information
The Dogstuff rally obedience page
RallyO-All-Dogs yahoo group

 Other dog links:

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Page update 11/14/2006