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Saga 43
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Legacy is a Saga 43.  She is 43 feet on deck and about 46 feet overall including the bow platform.  Her masthead is just over 70 feet off the water, which means we check the heights of bridges carefully before passing under them!  Legacy is also fairly narrow for a boat of her length, being just 12 feet at her widest point.  With a bluff bow (it is nearly straight up and down) she has a normal waterline length of 39 1/2 feet and a heeled waterline length of 41 feet.  Her long waterline and narrow beam give her good performance in waves and lumpy seas.  Because she is narrow, she is a bit tender (that is, she heels quickly in the wind).  

As with most boats that travel far, we have made lots of small changes to Legacy to make her just the way we want.  In particular we have worked to maximize storage by adding more opening hatches to access space below the sole (floor) and behind various panels.  We have also added bookshelves to hold both large books like guides and small paperbacks. 

Legacy was built by Saga in the fall of 1999 and was delivered to Seattle on Christmas Eve, 1999.  Saga Yachts is located in St. KatheHull constructionrine's, Ontario, Canada.  (Just over the border from Buffalo, NY, and near Niagara Falls.)  Since she was built for us we were able to have some custom features, the most significant of which was the installation of a water-tight bulkhead and a workshop in place of the standard forward head.  The workshop forward gives us room to store the spinnaker and other sails, tools and spare parts, and provides a bench with a vice for making minor repairs.   

Since taking delivery of Legacy we have continued to modify and improve her. Details of many of these projects can be found on the Customization page.

Saga Links
Saga Yachts website
  Saga Yachts website detailing the boats is at http://www.sagayachts.com/.  We have hopes that the new owners of the company will succeed in restarting production and continuing to improve the design over succeeding years.
Saga_Yachts on Yahoo Groups
  Saga owners have established a Yahoo Group where they share ideas, modifications, plans for rendezvous, and information of interest to other owners.  Membership in the group is open to owners and non-owners with an interest in Saga Yachts.  It is a great resource for learning more about our boats, and for caring and maintaining them.  Sign up for the group at http://groups.yahoo.com/.
Page update 09/24/2008